Tuesday, March 10, 2009


so i walk into walgreens because i need to buy batteries for the light on my bicycle so i can see where i'm riding in the dark, and as the walgreens checkout girl gives me my total, she says, do you want to try this new chocolate bar? there's a special going on right now, two bars for just four dollars, and i say no, no thanks, no bars for me today, just the batteries, and she says, but are you sure? this chocolate bar is really good, and i say, no not today, thanks though, maybe next time, and she seems disappointed, but as i put the money on the counter, i notice in the right corner of the counter a box of chocolate bars called thingamajigs that look oddly familiar, and something makes me think of that new burger king commercial that flashes back to the old burger king commercial, and i say, are those the new bars that are on sale? those bars right there? and she says, yeah, those are them, they're really good, and i say, but those bars aren't new, those bars are really old, i mean, those bars been around a long time, and she says, no those are whatchamacallits, these are thingamajigs.

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