Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Idiot at Sarasota News and Books

I was at News and Books and some guy in his late twenties came in and sat down across the aisle from these two girls.  I think he knew them from somewhere, or at least I hope so, because he started talking really loudly to them across the aisle.  He has on nikes and jeans that were too short and was speaking extremely loudly about his girlfriend: "Yeah, we're getting pretty serious, we're at that point where we're super intimate, but haven't told one another we're in love . . . she moved down here for me . . . she's a doctor" etc etc etc.  I tried to concentrate on my work but his voice had a certain asshole edge to it which made it impossible for me not to listen.  Suddenly, to my horror and intense pleasure he started talking about how easy it is for him to seduce women, citing one example in particular.  "yea," he drawled, "it's wasn't too hard for me.  I started talking to her and asked her if she'd ever read Sartre" (pronounced Sart) "and she said 'no' so I just started talking to her about existentialism and that was it."  This was, primarily, a stupid experience.  However, it was uncanny in the fact that such outrageously pretentious losers do exist.  


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