Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Josh Zimmerman has a homeopathy practice

The other day at the cafe, Josh Zimmerman came in, ordered his usual, a coffe, regular, and asked me if it was my bike sitting outside. It was. I said it was. He said I should be worried about it getting stolen, being on 41 and all. I rang him up. $1.61 and he gave me 2. I gave him his change, then without missing a beat, he said, "I put a buck in there for ya, by the way.", looking at the tip cup. After a very long pause, as if I was supposed to thank him, he followed up, saying,  "Because, I know it's hard times out there."
More recently Josh came in to tell us that no one liked it, back when he used to be a reporter. He showed us a website he was working on for his homeopathy practice. The homepage had four links on a toolbar and a large headshot. Nothing else.

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