Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Mocking the ShamWow Guy

   I watched a commercial with the ShamWow guy on it last weekend. He's not quite as... er, commanding... as our classic friend, the inimitable Billy Mays, but boy can that man sell what is essentially a glorified washcloth. Why does he always wear that silly headset, though? Is he actually conducting a phone conversation with a close friend using his Bluetooth, and the cameras just happened to catch him in all his washcloth-promoting splendor? And how does he make his chin so prominent? Silly man.
   Later that week, though, I stumbled upon a bewsite that discussed the ShanWow guy's crazyintense past and feud with Scientology. Now I feel kind of bad for mentally mocking him every time he comes onscreen (but not that bad).

Suzy Woltmann

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